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Fee Structure for Day Scholars

Admission Fee                                                              Rs.15,000

Tuition Fee

Class                             Monthly Fee                     Fee Per Installment

Nur to UKG                    Rs.2,700                             Rs.5,400 

I-IV                                  Rs.3,300                             Rs.6,600 

V-VIII                              Rs.3,500                             Rs.7,000 

IX-X                                 Rs.4,000                            Rs.8,000

XI-XII                              Rs.4,500                            Rs.9,000

  • Annual Charges Rs.7,000/- to be paid in 2 installments of Rs.3,500 each(with II & V Installment)
  • Sibling Concession of Rs. 2,500 will be given to the younger sibling in the last installment.

Installment Schedule for Day School Students

I Installment:     At the time of Admission 

II Installment:    20.05.2021 

III Installment:   03.07.2021 

IV Installment:   03.09.2021

V Installment:     03.11.2021 

VI Installment:   03.01.2022

Fee for Boarders/Residential Students

Admission Fee                                                                    Rs.25,000/-

 Fee Plan (including Boarding, Lodging, Food and Tuition Fee, etc.)

Dates             Admission           03.08.2021          03.10.2021           03.12.2022 

Class          I Installment       II Installment     III Installment        IV Installment              Total

Up to III      Rs.45,000            Rs.45,000               Rs45,000                Rs.40,000               Rs.1,75,000 

IV-VIII         Rs.50,000            Rs. 50,000              Rs.50,000               Rs.50,000               Rs.2,00,000 

IX-XIII         Rs.55,000            Rs.55,000               Rs. 55,000              Rs.55,000               Rs.2,20,000

  • Pocket Money( Accountable) Rs.10,000 at the time of admission & Rs.10,000 with III Installment i.e. before 02.10.2021
  • Real Brother Sister Concession to the younger sibling in last instalment Rs.20,000/-

The Springfield Public School started in the year 1996, is one of the best-equipped Boarding schools in India with facilities that support excellence in all areas. Springfield Public School is run by Shanti Educational and Charitable Trust (Regd.) with a sole aim to provide quality education to the deserving and meritorious students.

The entire nature of Schooling today is undergoing a fundamental transformation, the world over. Those days are rapidly disappearing when some Schools could rule the roost purely on the brand equity they enjoyed in the market place. Parents today critically assess the return they are likely to accrue from their investment in their children’s education.

The phenomenal success of the Springfield Public School can be attributed to the vision and foresight of the pioneers; the total involvement of the management; the contribution of outstanding Principal and an unmatched faculty. In addition, the centralized policies, decentralized administration, well designed instructional programs, and innovative school management systems have played a vital role in placing the Springfield Public School at the forefront of the educational map of India and the World as Top Boarding Schools in India.

We prepare students who will be worthy citizens and bring pride to their country. We believe in continuous assessments, balanced syllabi and a sound foundation. We emphasize fluency in English, writing and reading and above all discipline and morals. We groom the soul, which helps in character building, moral and spiritual upliftment, right behavior and attitude.

The Springfield Public School is committed to develop and enhance life skills – the ability to communicate, to lead, to be a team player, to empathize and most of all, we are committed to producing citizens with a secular world view, citizens who respect and indeed celebrate differences, and see differences as a unique opportunity to mold a strong nation. We invite you to be partners in this process.

Springfield Public School is a co-educational school with separate hostels for boys and girls. We provide holistic education to young students in an atmosphere conducive to intellectual growth and training of mind, body and spirit. These equip Springfielders to become world citizens, provide mature leadership to society and become guards of human values and spirituality. We emphasize on the development of young children who enter here and pass out as young men and women, bolstered up by their awareness of themselves and their determination to make a difference in this world.

Dr. Isha Dhingra


It is a universal fact that in the overall ambit of life, a person armed with a good education is bestowed with an advantage in the quest for success. Whether it is a girl or boy, a worth while education is the most valuable present a parent can gift a child.

Money is immaterial, when it comes to the question of an admission to a famous school and parents, to the best of their sense and ability, try to select the finest school for their children.

Every educational institution, I m sure, makes a sincere endeavour to provide, what is generally termed as ‘quality education’..

More so, each school has its own definition of education and formulates its own unique methodology, work environment, ethos and traditions resulting in a vast variety of end products.

Positively, education is not teaching a child to just read, write and become proficient in Mathematics and the Sciences. This would surely make a person literate but not educated. Unfortunately, many schools in our country are not reaching far beyond making their children “literate”. Are we actually happy and satisfied watching our kids, spend arduous and tiresome hours in tuition, burdened with the anxiety of producing mind-boggling academic results? As parents, we never sincerely contemplate and ask ourselves what we expect from our child’s school. For most of us, it is solely academic proficiency in Board examinations which is synonymous to providing first-rate education. Or is the boast of producing an Olympic sportsman or a handful of national level players, providing excellent education?Then what is quality education?

Ordinarily, all-round development of the child is construed to be the primary constituent of a good education and this is generally accepted as academic competence coupled with personality development. Hence a school providing an excellent academic environment integrated with a large number of sports and other co-curricular activities would very nicely fit the definition of a school providing good education.

Education has assisted the world to develop at a phenomenon pace. The world is moving very fast and people have little time for each other. Man has become extremely covetous and greedy. In these times of avariciousness, selfishness, deceit, corruption, intolerance, terrorism, riots, greed and cut-throat competition we need to ponder, search our hearts and introspect, as to whether we can proudly call our children well educated.. We are fast forgetting the moral and spiritual part of development. Schools rarely have a program related to the teaching of being good as opposed to being successful, We sure are succeeding in producing rich and successful human beings but may not be able to say as much for producing happy human beings. Our traditional teaching institutions (home, school and society) are failing miserably in producing good human beings.

We are so involved in teaching children Physics and Chemistry that we have little time to teach a child to be good, honest, truthful, compassionate and nice. Who is going to teach a child to be virtuous, honourable, selfless, righteous, benevolent and kind? The qualities of being tolerant, understanding and broad-minded, to respect all religions, to be unbiased in regard to different castes or creeds, race or colour have all been put on the back-burner. The language of philanthropy, goodness and love, need to be added to refraining from violence, resisting corruption, standing up for one’s rights, not bowing to tyranny and unfair persecution in short, to be bold and fearless. To fear only God, to respect one’s parents and elders, to be fair in all dealings, to respect the rights of others, to be modest and magnanimous, etc. The list is endless and we can go on and on. To teach this we need time and effort. There are no books, there is no prescribed syllabus. The westerners, whom we take pride in aping, have failed miserably on this front. In today’s modern fast-moving world, we too are failing in imparting ‘high standards and value education’ to our children. We teachers and schools are the ones who need to shoulder this huge responsibility. Alongside parents, teachers have to develop the inclination and find the time to teach our children these virtues. Are the teachers of today Gurus in the real sense? Let us together pledge to inculcate in our children the true values of life. We need to be patient and understanding and spend time with our children. We have to teach them time and again the difference of right from wrong, to overcome evil with good, set examples for them to follow and by so doing we would have done far more than our duty. The aim of every institution must be to be able to achieve this objective. In a letter to his sons teacher the then US President Abraham Lincoln had written Teach my son that it is more honourable to fail than to cheat and pass. There can be no school without a society and no society without a school. Schools and parents together have to join hands in imparting good Sanskar to their children. In this lies the strength of quality education and the true test of a Quality Institution. I would like to conclude by stating that, it is far better to have a son or daughter who is good rather than extremely intelligent or well-groomed. If God showers your child with the combination of all three qualities brilliance, elegance and goodness then you could not be any richer or luckier.”

Dr.Isha Dhingra

Art and music stimulate a very different part of student’s intellect and imagination.Young boys and girls spend much of their free time in art and music rooms that are housed separately. Every morning the school orchestra plays music at the assembly.

The child opts for a hobby on joining the school depending on his / her choice.The school wants every child to excel in some hobby by dedicating more time towards it. It takes certain time for a child to explore his / her talent and thus we have made it mandatory to learn a hobby at least for one term. Every child is different and keeping that in mind we have given many choices to the child, they are:

1) Art & Crafts
2) Art and Canvas painting
3) Clay Modelling
4) Paper craft
5) Soft toys
6) Cartooning
7) Glass Painting
8) Vegetable Carving
9) Flower Arrangement
10) Vocal Classical Music
11) Indian Classical Instruments( Sitar, Tabla, Sarod etc.)

In the Fine Arts activity, children have a chance to learn the art of basket weaving & pottery. They have also been given the opportunity to prepare a number of craft items, such as table coasters, file folders from handmade paper, painted vases & photograph stands. New items are continuously being added to the list. In addition to the craft items they have been exposed to works of great national & international artists

Students at Springfield hail from various places.Our students come from diverse back grounds and different parts of India. There is a good number of foreign & NRI students from across the globe. They find comfort that a fairness denominator applies to each and every one of them, irrespective of caste color, creed and nationality or economic back ground.

The students of the following Nationalities dominate the demographics at Springfield.

At Springfield Public School the House System has a special relevance, It is is an autonomous unit under the care of a House Master/Mistress tutors, it is a structured community within which students develop great feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership.

House Captains and all other Student Officials in Springfield are students who have poise, confidence and the ability to take initiative. Their views are encouraged and they are given considerable authority and responsibility. The School is divided into four Houses, Daffodils,Lavenders,Tulips and Scarlets, which keep on competing in the games and sports fields and in a wide variety of other Co-Curricular events.

Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.

Peter Brougham The heart of education is after all the education of the heart. We at Springfield want our students to develop valuable life skills and become more independent, resilient and confident individuals so that they are able to come out of their comfort zones and deal confidently with this dynamic world. We train them to be the leaders of tomorrow.Mentoring system at our school is specially designed to provide personalised attention to every student. The small class sizes further facilitate this.I believe that each child is blessed with divine potential and if nurtured righteously, he or she can reach the wuthering heights.

It will be the constant endeavour of Springfield to move forward in the true spirit of ability-driven education. The school will continue its endeavour towards providing holistic and quality education by infusing each and every student with the zeal to be passionate about learning as well as to be engaged and inspired. We want every student to be nurtured into strong, reflective and responsive individuals who are confident and adaptable in meeting the challenges and opportunities of this rapidly changing world.

I pray to almighty to shower his blessings onto this elite institute, so that this school achieves yet greater heights of success, in the years to come.

Arjun Guglani

Well-stocked library provides reading and reference facilities on a variety of Subjects. These go a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the classroom. The accession of latest books on Sciences, Arts, Computers, Humanities, Social Studies, Languages, General Knowledge and Environment etc. is a continuous and ongoing process. Children encyclopedias, newspaper, periodicals, fiction, storybooks etc. are all present in Springfield library to inculcate healthy reading habits among the students. School subscribes an English daily to be read by students in their classes. Thus, Springfielders stay one step ahead in the world of knowledge and competition.

Our well equipped library subscribes to a variety of newspapers and magazines and also has Computers with Internet connection. Being informed on Current-affairs is a vital links to the outside world. Every child is provided with a newspaper to ensure that this link is sustained.

The Springfield museum displays priceless antiques, postal stamps, paintings, coinage, utensils, seals, art, craftwork etc. of various civilizations. Students are encouraged to visit the museum with their friends to develop a taste for history and cultural study.